Why Global Gold?

Global Gold has been hosting vBulletin forums for nine years using the latest hardware to provide the performance based hosting to thousands of sites. This experience has made us understand each forum is different and needs a unique solution. For the majority of forums we have created four tailor made hosting packages that we invidually tweak for each customer. For larger forums, with over 1000 online users, we custom build solutions on our Cloud Infrastructure or implement dedicated servers. No matter what package you choose each will be fully managed by Global Gold using the latest ProLiant hardware from HP.

Forum Optimisation

Using the experienced gained from hosting hundreds of vBulletin sites for over 9 years we have developed a number of techniques to improve page load times, database queries and session handling. These include using xCache to improve loading time for PHP pages, tuning MySQL performance for faster database access and compressing web pages to improve download times for mobile users.

For larger forums we again understand each forum is different. However for a new customer we will use an existing hosting solution from a forum with a similar size and make individual changes to meet the customer's requirements. Existing techniques that we use on forums with over 1500 simultaneous online users include dedicated databased servers with their own private 1GB network and caching servers to increase web server capacity.

Load Balancing and Failover

Load balancing solutions are available to any of our larger forum clients who require multiple dedicated servers for performance. Each load balanced setup can handle up to 10 web servers. The load balancing solution includes failover where all traffic is redirected to the remaining live web servers should another fail. If all web servers have failed to respond traffic can be automatically redirected to a maintenance page.

Regular Offsite Backups from IronMountain

Offsite backups are available on all our packages as either standard or an optional upgrade. Although all our hardware solutions use HP hardware RAID as standard, to protect again hard disk failure, backups are extremely important in maintain a reliable forum. We can offer a range of backups to suit your forum ranging from daily to hourly snapshots all of which are kept offsite at a datacentre at least 30 miles from our primary datacentre.

No Restrictions

Most web hosts will limit your forum to the amount of emails you send or the amount of database connections. What this means is that your forum growth will be limited by your web host. Global Gold does not restriction bandwidth, MySQL or email usage so your forum can better handle traffic during peak times, no more 'Server Busy' messages. you to deal with site to better perform during peak times. Most customers actually find that their traffic increases once they have moved to us.

Friendly Support

We have a small but well organised support team based in the UK that are ready to deal with enquiries. We can promise your enquiry will not be lost in a ticket support or handled by a foreign call centre.

High Performance Servers

Global Gold only use the ultra reliable ProLiant hardware from HP with the latest Intel Quad Core processors. Each server is configured with a minimum of 6Gb of memory and fast SAS drives configured in RAID 10. RAID 10 splits your forum over a minimum of four hard drives that in turn improves your forum load times for your and provides a level of redundancy if a drive fails.

Case study: Playfish

In less than two years Playfish has become one of the worlds' leading and fastest growing social games companies, changing the way people play games online by providing more social and connected experiences

By combining creativity, innovation and originality when creating games for friends to play over social and mobile platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, Google, Bebo, iPhone and Android, the company has become hugely successful. More