Frequently Asked Questions

Do you oversell your hosting?

No, we make sure we have adequate capacity to handle any peaks in traffic and upgrade our hardware by well ahead of demand.

Can I use vBadvanced, vB Gallery or another mod/hack on a vBulletin package?

Yes, you're more than welcome to install any plugins or hacks. We offer a chargeable installation service although we reserve the right to disable a particular plugin should it affect the performance of our servers.

What time scale will be required to migrate my forum from another ISP?

We aim to do this within 24 hours although we can arrange a particular time at our convenience, including weekends/out of hours.

Can I run scheduled database backups on the server?

Yes, you can schedule your own backups using MySQL Tools/Cron. We would be more than happy to assist setting up a schedule task for you.

Do I need to move my domain to your registrar?

Although it makes it easier to troubleshoot any dns issues if you migrate your domain to our registrar this is not a requirement.

Can I run a blog or wiki along side my forum in the same web space?

Yes, your more than welcome to use the space for packages to go along side your forum.

Will our account be suspended if we exceed our online users?

No. If you exceed your online users occasionally then we'll ignore it. If your forum regular exceeds the online users or bandwidth usage then we'll recommend you upgrade.

Will there be any downtime should I upgrade?

Usually we can upgrade you at a flick of a switch. If we do need to move you onto a new server we will organise an convenient time and perform the transfer for you.

Do you host just European vBulletin forums?

No, we host forum from all over the world including the far east, America and Europe. All clients include, RS Owners Club, Playfish Forums, ClioSport, Airmech, Ask About and Net54 Baseball.

Will my Google ranking be affected by hosting in the UK?

No, you can use Google Geotargeting to tell Google which country specific version of their search engine to list your site in.

Can I talk to your some of your existing clients before signing up?

Yes, please email us at and we'll put you in touch.